A12 Possum Lure Bottle

Possum Lure Bottle

A12 Possum Lure Bottle


We developed our cinnamon lure specifically to attract possums to your A12 trap. Because all our lures are toxin-free, they’re safe for you, your pets and native birds.

The lure bottle is 60g, easy-to-squeeze and comes with a bite block to trigger your trap.

We recommend you replace your lure bottle every six months.

Our cinnamon lure for possums is also available in 200g and 500g pouches which are handy for pre-feeding the area around your trap. 

Buy 10 or more bottles of possum lure and we’ll be happy to give you a discount.

  • Long-life lure for 6 months of trapping
  • Cinnamon formula highly attractive to possums
  • Toxin-free so safe for you, your pets and native birds
  • Water resistant
  • Stable in hot and alpine climates

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