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A24 rat & mouse trap

his is no one hit wonder. When rats come calling, there’s never just one.

Rats in your ceiling, your walls or your compost. The sight, the sound, just the thought of rats chomping through your insulation or scuttling about your home isn’t pretty. And stoats, lurking around hunting for native birds - that's not something we want either.

Our traps keep on top of your pest problem for you – automatically resetting to give you constant control. They’re also non-toxic and certified humane.

A24 Rat Trap

Meet Melissa

She took a few simple steps to get her rat problem under control. After blocking off the food site, Melissa used the Goodnature system to find the best trapping site, install her certified humane rat trap and get amazing success without the need for toxins. Now she is also set up for any future rat reinvasions.

A12 possum trap

Our trap for possums is no one hit wonder. Not only are possums a major threat to our forests and native wildlife, they’re a real nuisance when they munch on your roses, damage newly planted trees or scuttle across your roof when you’re trying to get a decent night’s sleep. Getting on top of your possums has become second nature to us.

Our possum traps are designed to suit New Zealand’s toughest environments and have been nailing pests for over a decade. Let’s get on top of your possums. Safe, easy to use and humane…

The A12 Possum in action

We set up a transparent A12 trap so you can see how it only targets possums, and how they are killed humanely and instantly when they bite and pull on the lure filled bite block.