A24 Trap Stand

Goodnature A24 Trap Stand

A24 Trap Stand


We designed our Trap Stand for our A24 trap for rats and stoats. It’s super handy if you need to set your trap up in hard-to-reach places or if you want to move it around easily.

It’s perfect if you don’t have a tree or wall handy or if your rodent detector cards  prove that your rats feel safe eating in your wetlands, grasslands, garden, ceiling, shed or under your sink.

You don’t need to de-gas and de-pressurise your A24 trap while shifting it to a new place.

Two peg holes (pegs not included) keep it stable if you set your trap up on sloping ground. And, the tray makes it easy for you to tip the dead pests out without touching them.

A24 Trap not included. 

Our A24 Trap Stand makes it easy for you to move your trap around but why stop at one trap? More traps means more success!

To position your A24 trap in the best possible place - to attract the biggest number of rats - be sure to use our Rodent Detector Cards first.
  • 1 x A24 Trap Stand (A24 Trap not included)
  • 1 x Instruction sheet

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