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A24 Trap Stand

Goodnature A24 Trap Stand

A24 Trap Stand


Set your A24 traps in places where you don’t have a tree or wall handy to attach to such as wetlands, grasslands, gardens, under the sink, ceiling voids and industrial sheds.

Our new A24 Trap Stand gives you flexibility to target a greater range of areas and the ability to fine tune your network by being able to shift your trap easily. Another benefit when using the Trap Stand is that you don’t need to de-gas and de-pressurise your A24s when shifting them.

It has two peg holes to keep it stable when set on sloping ground, and view holes to help see carcasses of humanely killed animals.

A24 Trap not included. 

  • Although shifting an A24 around on a Trap Stand is convenient, remember that having multiple traps is the best method for managing the inevitable re-invasion. Don’t have a one-trap mind!
  • When targeting rats you should still use Goodnature Rodent Detector Cards to find the best place to locate your A24 trap and stand. 
  • 1 x A24 Trap Stand (A24 Trap not included)
  • 1 x Instruction sheet