The only thing better than taking on a whopping great challenge is finding a cracking good solution. Goodnature’s founders - ambitious kiwi designers – wanted to see New Zealand’s critically endangered birds flourish again. Pioneers by nature, they knew what they needed to do: get on top of a bunch of pests – rats, stoats and possums for starters. But they wanted to go about it kindly, without using nasty toxins. There had to be a better way. After years of thinking and tinkering, they invented an automatic trap that’s safe, easy to use, humane and resets itself. Not only did they create a world first, they started a revolution.


Make bruised fingers a thing of the past. Some people don't mind risking their precious fingers, children or neighbour's cat. But we do and suspect you might too. Not only are our traps toxin-free but they’re cleverly designed to kill specific pests only – nothing else that might be passing by and stop for a look.

Easy to use

It’s not just rats that find our traps easy to use. Over many years, we’ve done a whole lot of head–scratching so you don’t have to do a whole lot of hand washing. Our traps are easy to set up and move around. And because the dead pest drops to the ground instantly, you don’t need to touch it or the trap.

Constant control

The second, third or fourth rat doesn’t get the bait with an A24. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with taking things into your own hands, especially when you don’t have to get them dirty. Once you’ve set your trap up for the first time, it keeps on top of your pests for you – one after another – so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Made to last

No one hit wonders around here. We’re not big on quick fixes and guessed you'd want more bangs for your buck. Everything we design and make is made to last – our traps, stands, gas canisters, counters and lures…If we all do our bit in our own backyard, we’ll be playing the long game together in no time.


We asked 24 rats what they thought of our trap – they were blown away. We wouldn't wish a slow and painful death on anything – not even a pest. Our traps kill pests instantly without a doubt – no mucking about. When it comes to being humane, our traps have been independently tested and meet the highest international standards.


Get more bang, bang, bang, bang... for your buck. Our A24 rat & stoat trap for rats and stoats resets itself 24 times per gas canister and includes a pump that refreshes the lure automatically for 6 months. Our A12 trap for possums resets itself 12 times per gas canister. Our digital counter can be attached to either trap to help you keep track of your progress.