Doing things differently is in our nature

We started Goodnature for good reason: to see endangered wildlife in New Zealand and around the world flourish again. This means getting on top of a bunch of pests - rats, stoats and possums for starters. We also want to go about it kindly, without using nasty toxins. That’s why we develop humane traps that automatically reset and are easy and safe to use.

Not only have we created a world-first, we started a revolution.

How we're different

How we're different


Get more bang, bang, bang... for your buck. Our A24 Rat & Stoat Trap resets itself 24 times per gas canister and comes with a pump that refreshes the lure automatically for six months. Our A12 Possum Trap resets itself 12 times per gas canister.


We wouldn't wish a slow and painful death on anything – not even a pest. Our traps kill pests instantly - no messing about. When it comes to being humane, our traps have been independently tested and meet the highest international standards.

Constant control

Once you’ve set your trap up for the first time, it keeps on top of pests for you, killing them one after another, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Easy to use

It’s not just rats that find our traps easy to use. We’ve done a whole lot of head-scratching so you don’t have to - our traps are easy to set up and move around, indoors and out.

Made to last

We’re not big on quick fixes - everything we design and make is made to last. Our traps, trap stands, gas canisters, counters and lures are designed to last in indoor spaces through to the tough outdoor conditions of wild places.


We stand for solutions that are effective, humane as well as being easy and safe to use. Our traps are designed to target specific pests, nothing else.

It’s important to remember that all pest control methods come with some risk, so it’s important you follow the safety advice and installation instructions. If you do, our traps are safe to use around pets and children.