Collective break times: Why we think everyone should drop tools together.


If you’ve ever visited Goodnature HQ, it’s likely you’ve seen a group of competitive ‘athletes’ on the ankle breaker court, a group soaking up the sun and maybe one of our resident canine friends getting plenty of attention.

It’s chaos. At 10.30am, the entire business rolls out to enjoy a coffee and a yarn together, something which we know is critical to our success here at Goodnature. 


Our business works to the schedule of our production team. Regular - set breaks guide our day and get everyone together, from all parts of the business. It can be a bit strange for someone coming from a corporate background, as there’s not the fluidity of your usual day. We all drop tools and get outside, chatting with people from all parts of the business and sharing one of our never ending supply of cakes. 

It’s important to us for a few reasons, firstly it’s about collaboration. We believe that to achieve our lofty goals, we have to do it together, so collaborating is key. By spending time with one another outside of set working hours, we establish relationships that sustain us through the good times and the tough. 

Secondly, it’s about fairness. There’s nothing worse than feeling like someone else is being rewarded more than you are, so we keep things completely fair around here. There’s no ‘upstairs vs downstairs’ dynamic, because we truly are all in this together. 


Finally, it’s about taking care of our people. We love to get moving, check in on one another and of course treat one another. By ensuring everyone is resting together, we know that everyones taking a break - and that’s really important to us here at Goodnature. 

So if you ever arrive at what looks like a fire drill, don’t be alarmed (unless the fire alarm is going, please exit safely!). It’s just a crew of sun loving Wellingtonians, getting out for some ball sports and a laugh, something we reckon is important for everyone.