Kids eliminate rats over 200HA

In November 2014 a total of 467 Goodnature A24 rat traps were installed over 200 hectares of beech forest by DOC staff and volunteers including Kids Restore The Kepler in Fiordland National Park.

12 weeks later, rats could not be detected anywhere across the 200ha site.

Prior to establishment, rat numbers in the project area had exploded due to the widely publicised beech mast/rat plague event. After twelve weeks, the first post-treatment monitor showed rat numbers had been reduced from 68% to 0% - an undetectable level - while rat numbers in the non-treatment monitoring area remained high at 70%. A second post-treatment monitor at 6 months showed rats had been maintained at 0% while the population in the non-treatment area remained at 70%.

Monthly trap checks were carried out by sixteen year-old Tim Barrow from Fiordland College.