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Don't let your rats go hungry 🐀

rat lure pouch

For the month of July, all New Zealand customers who purchase the following will get one free 200g rat lure pouch:

  • Any A24 rat & stoat trap
  • The A24 rat replenishment kit

    Adding small amounts of the lure around your trap’s entrance increases its attractiveness to rats (a process called pre-feeding). Use it to boost your trapping success. Simply place your order and we'll add the rat lure pouch to your order - for free.

    How can pre-feeding lure increase my success?

    1. Place ten small dots of lure from the pouch around the entrance of your A24 trap(s). This increases the food available to your resident rats.

    2. Repeat this for five days. This builds their preference for the lure (yes, rats have food preferences) and habit in visiting the trap(s) to eat.

    3. Go cold turkey and stop using the rat lure pouch. Now the only way your rats can access the lure is by entering the trap(s). Bingo.

    4. Success! You’ve improved your chances of trapping those pesky rats.

    Terms and conditions

    • 1x 200g Rat & Mouse pouch per order which includes any A24 trap or A24 Replenishment Pack.
    • Promotion ends midnight 26th July.
    • We reserve the right to extend the promotion.
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
    • While stocks last.
    • Applies to New Zealand orders only.

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