16 October 2019

Anna from Aro Valley - Why urban trapping matters

Anna and her family live in a stunning pocket of Aro Valley, Wellington. We chatted about why she's getting her family trapping, and why it's so important to be engaged in pest trapping, even in the city.
Anna from Aro Valley - Why urban trapping matters

Trapping assisting planning

The family is constantly working to replant their property with native plant species, so it's critical these are protected from invading pests. By establishing a strong trap network around the property, not only will the birdlife benefit but so too will the young plants.

Getting kids involved

It's awesome to see how engaged Anna's children are with their local environment. Describing the bush, the birdlife and the pest problems they see - they really understand how interconnected they are with their local flora and fauna.

Working together to create a beautiful town belt

The position of the family's property means Annas family are responsible for caring for a special place in our city. It's critical that this relationship is cared for, and continues to be nurtured as the city continues to expand.


Check out our interview content below:

"It's nice here because it's off the road so we've got a long path, so we have to walk far to get here, but once we are here, it's quite close to the bush.

What we were trying to do in the garden, slowly, is just planting things that grow endemically in New Zealand. We'll kind of just try and recreate that sort of environment that the birds want to come to. There's a lot more tuis these days than there used to [be]. That was the kākā.

They'll go to extreme length to find bugs. A lot of the trees down on the path, they're all covered with lines, that they dig bugs out of.