10 April 2024

A script for the kids

Use this script to explain rewilding to your kids. We've written it in language they'll understand. If it piques their interest, bring them with you to check traps and start them on a rewilding journey.
A script for the kids

What is rewilding? A script for the kids

“Rewilding is like pressing the rewind button on nature, but in a good way. Imagine a place that used to be wild and full of diverse plants and animals, but over time, humans have messed with it. Maybe they cut down trees, built roads, or chased away animals. Rewilding is about reversing some of that damage.

It involves restoring habitats to their natural state by reintroducing native plants and animals, creating corridors for wildlife to move freely, and letting nature take its course as much as possible. The goal is to create balanced ecosystems that support a wide variety of species and ecological processes.

It's not just about letting things go wild on their own, though. People play an active role by helping to kickstart the process and then stepping back to let nature do its thing. Rewilding can have lots of benefits, like increasing biodiversity, improving soil and water quality, and even mitigating climate change by storing carbon.

In short, rewilding is like hitting the refresh button for nature, giving it a chance to bounce back and thrive.”