7 November 2019

How our Rodent traps won the Mitre 10 Innovation Award

So you’re on the hunt for a Mitre 10 Rodent trap? The Smart Trap Kit is available NZ wide in Mitre 10 stores, as well as online here.
How our Rodent traps won the Mitre 10 Innovation Award

Our latest innovation, the Smart Cap, is also available in stores and online. It’s a piece of Bluetooth tech which allows our trap users to connect their Goodnature Trap to a smartphone, and monitor the success of the trap. We think it’s pretty choice and works perfectly as a part of our Smart Trap Kit.

Many moons ago, we partnered with Mitre 10 to stock our Goodnature products, while we’ve worked together for a long time now, we recently won the Mitre 10 Innovation Award. This celebrates the creativity and innovation expressed by the team in our products. 

We chatted to our Chief Commercial Manager, Adam, to hear about why we chose to work with Mitre 10 and why we’re so stoked to receive the innovation award.

Why did we choose to partner with Mitre 10?

We see Mitre 10 as an ideal fit for Goodnature. They are New Zealand owned and operated with a real focus on quality product and people. The timing of the predator-free movement across New Zealand created an opportunity for backyard trappers to start making an impact on their own piece of land. These are the people we want to help make a difference in New Zealand's Flora and Fauna. 

Why is it such a great match?

There's a synergy in our core values. The Mitre 10 store is part of a Kiwi's DNA. You have store owners who have been servicing their region for many years. This means they have localised staff who truly understand and support their customers' needs.

What does winning the innovation award actually mean?

It tells us that Mitre 10 understand our products and our vision as a business. Innovation is the fabric of Goodnature so it's an exciting accolade to win from one of New Zealand's biggest retailers.

Where to from here?

The predator-free movement will only continue to build momentum across New Zealand. Goodnature will continue to innovate and strive to make a difference to New Zealand's ecological system. Mitre 10 will continue to lead the way as a significant New Zealand retailer.

With these things considered, I’d say the future is looking bright for New Zealand conservation.