16 October 2019

Conversations with an urban trapper : Meet Laura

Laura works in the conservation world, so understands the importance of science combined with action. She shows us around her Aro Valley garden while we discuss what she's doing to contribute to a better world for our native species.
Conversations with an urban trapper : Meet Laura

Working together

A house share might hinder those wanting to start their trapping career, but Laura's flat is in full support. With every small action, we can encourage more to join in the predator-free mission.

Action & information

It's a combination of contributing to science, as well as creating a safe space in her back yard that keeps Laura trapping. The connection between data and predator tracking with the preservation of our native species starts in your backyard, and Laura is championing this.

Inspiring change

It's about using our dreams and goals to inspire change. The more we can drive a conversation about what we're working to save, the more we inspire individuals in their backyard.


Check out the notes from our conversation with Laura here:

"Kia ora, my name is Laura. I live in beautiful Aro Valley. I work for a conservation organization and I'm an avid backyard trapper. I'm really excited to get a Goodnature Trap installed today.

To me it's important to sort of contribute to science as well as make sure my backyard's awesome for native species. It's not just making the world a little safer for the birds, I'm actually contributing to the knowledge that we have around, what kind of predators are where, at what time of year.

The more people who understand the threats that our native species face from invasive predators, the more that we can work together to solve this problem and a lot of that is talking about awesome native species, like the birds that hopefully will come visit me from Zealandia, and the insects
and lizards that also are affected by predators."