15 August 2023

For New Zealand trapper Evan the secret is finding the right mix for your pests

Here’s his tips for keeping your chicken coop rat and mouse-free.
For New Zealand trapper Evan the secret is finding the right mix for your pests

For Goodnature trapper Evan the secret is finding the right mix for your pests.

Here’s his tips for keeping your chicken coop rat and mouse-free.

Tell us a bit about your Goodnature trap

It’s deployed on a rural lifestyle property in Wellington, New Zealand. We use the trap to target mice and rats, particularly around our chicken coop.

"Living rurally, particularly in a forested area, rats and mice are just something you always need to manage."

What's the most annoying thing about dealing with rats and mice on your property?

They create a huge amount of damage, mess and contamination. We’ve found them nesting in our cars, eating the wiring and ripping out insulation and filters.

"I recently removed a rat's nest from the top of the cabin filter in our SUV; it was full of waste and droppings, meaning that was the air we were breathing in the car."

Additionally, they leave droppings and other waste wherever they live, it smells and it can make the dogs and chickens sick.

How did you know you had a rat or mouse problem that needed dealing with?

We were finding rodent droppings in our chicken feed and bedding, which we knew could make our chickens sick.

What made you decide to deal with it using a Goodnature trap?

We needed something to manage the rodent population in that area that was also safe for the chickens to be around. Bait and traditional snap traps couldn't be used and the Goodnature trap was a perfect fit.

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What’s your Goodnature experience been like so far?

Since installing the trap next to our storage area for the chicken supplies six months ago we have had no droppings in the feed or bedding. The trap is far more effective than any snap trap that I have used, and while I find that bait is better for removing an infestation the Goodnature trap is good at preventing a reinfestation.

“The best part of the trap over bait though is the pet and animal safe nature of it.”

What other pest control solutions are you using alongside Goodnature?

We’re using acoustic deterrents, because we find they help prevent a new group from settling. We use them in our attic spaces and have had far less activity up there. They are no good at getting rid of animals that are already living there, though.

We’re also using standard blue block poison bait. This is always used in a station and only in areas where we don't have other animals around. It’s effective at getting rid of an existing population but can attract others into the area.

How’s that mix of solutions working for you?

The mix works well for us. The baits help control the wider population and give you a good indication if they are still in the area. No chewing on the bait tends to mean no animals are around. The acoustic deterrents are exactly that, deterrents. They won't shrink the population or fully get rid of them, but they do reduce the amount that you need to deal with. They are useless for outside though.

“Goodnature fills the gap in between - it can be used outside and around other animals while still helping to reduce the population of animals around.”

What tips would you have for other Goodnature trappers?

Use the indicator cards. Had I not done this my trap would be in a totally different location and far less effective.

Invest in the Smart Cap. It is really handy for keeping track of CO2 and Bait and also makes sure you remove the kills before they become an issue.

Use their customer support, it’s great. I initially had an issues getting my Smart Cap to sync with my phone. A bit of email support and it was all sorted in two days.

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