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A24 Rat & Stoat Trap Kit with Chirp

$199.00 NZD

The A24 Trap Kit with Chirp has everything you need to confidently and efficiently control rats, mice or stoats, plus Chirp, an accessory which shares trap data (kill numbers, date, time and environmental conditions) with your smartphone.

✓ Multi-kill system provides constant protection
✓ Effective and certified humane
✓ Toxin free and safe for pets
✓ Digitally connected

  • 1x A24 Rat & Stoat Trap
  • 1x Chirp Cap
  • 1x CO₂ Gas Canister
  • 1x Automatic Lure Pump
  • 3x Rodent Detector Cards
  • 1x Trap mount with Screws
  • 1x Info Card
  • * Trap Stand not included

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Add a trap stand (optional): Do you need one?

Do you need a trap stand?

You do! With a Trap Stand it's quicker to move your trap to different locations, making trapping around the home easier. 

It’s also perfect for when you don’t have a tree, post or a wall space to attach the trap to - think gardens, ceilings, sheds or under your sink.

Plus, the tray makes it easy to dispose of dead pests without touching them.

Why do I need to select a flavour?

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Provides constant protection

Digitally connected
Shares data with your smartphone

Kill context
Know the date, time and number of kill(s)

Timely reminders
Top-up your gas & lure on time

Share and compare
Results with friends and family

How it works

Our traps are a little different from others.

1x A24 Rat & Stoat Trap

The heart of this kit is the Goodnature® A24 Rat & Stoat Trap. This is the trap that changed the way rats, mice and stoats are controlled. Designed and made in New Zealand, this is smart trapping for smart people.

• It's a multi kill trap. The kill mechanism automatically re-sets itself after each kill so it's always active and available.

• Certified A-Class humane.

• Can be used indoors and outdoors.

• Tested under extremes in the lab, then again in the wild, by our team of experts.

• Easy to install.

1x Chirp Cap

Chirp attaches to your A24 Trap body and connects you Trap to the Goodnature Chirp App on your phone.

With Chirp and the Goodnature Chirp App you'll know exactly what your trap has been up to:

• In the App you can see the exact time and date each kill was made.

• Know exactly when you'll need to replace your lure and gas.

• See how your individual trapping success adds up to something much bigger. As more people switch to Chirp, watch how the heat map in the app changes!

• Receive push notifications on your phone when close, so even if you don't have the App open you'll know what your trap is up to.

1x Gas Canister

Goodnature® gas canisters power the A24 Trap enabling it to automatically reset, giving you constant control against rats and mice.

To maximise the life of your trap, we recommend using Goodnature gas canisters only.

• Delivers 24 strikes per canister

• 16g of CO₂ per canister

• Single use

• Made of recyclable steel

1x Automatic Lure Pump

The Goodnature® Automatic Lure Pump ensures your trap always has fresh lure available, increasing your trapping success.

It comes filled with our non-toxic, long-life Chocolate lure so you're ready to go!

• Once installed and activated, the lure pump automatically dispenses fresh long-life lure for up to six months.

• Contains 50g of Chocolate toxin-free lure that is highly attractive to rats, mice and stoats.

• Totally toxin-free means safe to use around pets, wildlife and children, and there's no risk of secondary poisoning.

3x Rodent Detector Cards

Goodnature® Rodent Detector Cards help you find the best places to set your A24 Rat & Stoat Trap.

The cards contain our non-toxic chocolate lure. Rats, mice and stoats chew on the cards to get to the lure, showing you it's a location they feel safe to eat. This means it's a good place to install your trap.

• Help attract and familiarise rats, mice and stoats with the new food source in your trap.

• The lure is toxin-free so safe to use at home around pets and children.

• Cards are water resistant so can be used outdoors and indoors.

1x Trap Mount

Each trap comes with a Trap Mount to secure your trap in place. Slide it off the body of the trap and screw in place 12 cm off the ground. Remember to install your trap where your Rodent Detector Cards showed you to!

• The Trap Mount can be easily screwed into trees and posts outdoors or timber framing indoors.

• If you're trapping outdoors and need to target multiple rodent hot spots, additional Trap Mounts can be purchased.

• Square drive screws included.

1x Quick Start Guide

Each kit comes with a printed Quick Start Guide to step you through how to set up your new trap, along with a few tips to help you the most out of your A24 Rat & Stoat Trap.

Now, we know that reading instructions isn't for everyone, but it really will help you get off on the right foot and solve your rat or mouse problem quicker.

• The first step is using the Rodent Detector Cards. This is step one for a reason! It will help you find the best location to put your trap.

• If you're looking for more support information, check out our Knowledge Base or get in touch.

Trapping outdoors

The A24 Trap is super effective outdoors. Because it automatically resets and automatically dispenses fresh lure, the trap is always active. An always on trap gives you constant control against rats, mice and stoats that are present in your neighbourhoods.

Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure your property is a rodent free one:

• Find the best location for your trap with Rodent Detector Cards.

• Remove any competing food sources that rodents may be interested in.

• Pre-feed the area around your trap to encourage rodents to the lure inside your trap.

• Read more in this blog from Tom - someone who’s done it all before!

Trapping indoors

The A24 Trap is perfect for keeping rats and mice out of your home. It's automatic resetting and lure dispensing features means you can solve your rodent problem before you even know you've got one. This is particularly important in cooler months when rats and mice start to look for warmth in homes.

Here are a couple of tips for how to get rid of rats and mice indoors:

• First, it helps to think like a rat. The best place for a trap is where a rodent feels safe to eat, so choose a spot where they’re hidden from predators.

• Good places to put your trap are in your roof, the corner of your garage or basement, in a kitchen cupboard - nice sheltered locations.

• When rats or mice come calling, there’s never just one! It can be helpful to move your trap from time to time, to find all the rodent hot spots at your place. A Trap Stand makes this easier.

Rural trapping

Pest management can be challenging on farms. There are plenty of competing food sources for pests like rats, mice and stoats, plus there's the need to consider the risk of secondary poisoning if you’re using baits as your control method.

The A24 Trap is used widely on farms in New Zealand to control rat infestations for two reasons.

It's ability to automatically reduce the time needed to maintain the trap to just a couple of times a year rather than every few days saves farmers a lot of time.

The risks posed by rat poisons are removed because the trap uses a non-toxic long-life lure. This is helpful if you're producing food or have working animals or pets on your farm.

Here are a couple of tips for how to get rid of rats and mice on farm:

• An important first step if you're trying to control rats, mice and stoats on your farm is to consider and, where possible, remove competing food sources.

• Then once you have an A24 installed, pre-feed the area around the trap with our lure pouch to get them familiar with the lure inside the trap.

Trapping made digital with Chirp

Our trap connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth™. With the Goodnature Chirp App on your phone you can see exactly what your trap has been up to. Track how many rats, mice or stoats have been caught and know exactly when you'll need to replace your gas and lure. This is smart trapping.

The A24 Trap resets automatically

Powered by a CO₂ gas canister, this trap automatically resets itself after each strike. With a trap that is always active, ready to catch passing rodents, you get constant control against rats and mice. One gas canister enables the trap to kill 24 rats, mice or stoats before it needs replacing. Because let's be honest, you've got plenty of other things you'd rather be doing.

Non-toxic lure, slowly released, always fresh

Fresh lure is key to catching rats, mice and stoats, which is why we make an Automatic Lure Pump to do this for you. It comes filled with our toxin-free long-life lure, which is dispensed over six months, so no more re-baiting traps every few days. And because it's non-toxic there's no risk of secondary poisoning, so it's safe to use around pets and children.

The kindest answer
to your pest problem

Because we believe that no creature should suffer, this trap is designed to kill rats, mice and stoats swiftly. It is certified A-Class humane by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee of New Zealand. And has been tested by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the UK and been added to their list of approved traps.

Got questions?

Here are some common ones we get asked.
Don't be shy... if there's something on your mind, get in touch!

How do I download the Goodnature Chirp App?

You can download the Goodnature Chirp App for free on the following links:Apple App store (iPhone)orGoogle Play (Android)

Can I use the trap if I have pets?

Our lure is non-toxic, so safe to use at home around pets. The lure we use to attract rats, mice and stoats in this kit is chocolate based, which isn’t an attractant to common pets like cats and dogs. They’re likely to be more interested in the rodents left under the trap! Although, given most pets are well fed, you may not see this either.

When setting up your trap, the recommended height from ground level is 12cm (about a hand width). As this is low to the ground, it’s easy for rats, mice and stoats to get into the trap and much more difficult for other animals to. Another safety measure built into the design is the size of the trap entrance - big enough for rats, mice and stoats, and too small for adult cats and dogs.

Where should I install my trap?

It's pretty easy to know when you've got a pest problem. It's not always as easy to find the best trapping spot to get rid of them.

Before setting up your trap, place detector cards around your property to see where your rats, mice or stoats feel safe feeding. After a few days, check which card has the most scratches & bite marks - this will be the best spot to set up your trap.

How does it work?

As rats, mice ot stoats try to get to the tasty lure inside the trap, they trigger the striker by brushing past a trigger. The trap fires, killing the rodent swiftly. Then, as the trap automatically resets itself the dead rodent drops out of the trap making way for the next one.

Do I need to buy gas and lure too?

The A24 Rat & Stoat Trap Kit has everything you need to get started and includes six months worth of our non-toxic chocolate lure and two gas canisters, which is enough to kill 48 rats, mice or stoats.

Got more questions?
Check out our Knowledge Base