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A24 Rat & Stoat Trap

Goodnature A24 Rat Trap with Strike Counter

A24 Rat & Stoat Trap


Our A24 trap automatically kills 24 rats, stoats, weasels or mice - one after the other, before you need to replace the gas canister.

The trap comes with a tree mount which is easily attached to a trunk or wooden post in your backyard. If you’d like to move the trap around more easily, you can add a trap stand to your order below. Super handy.

Different pests are attracted to different lures. To make sure we send you the right lure, please select below which pest you’d like to target.

To save you time, our automatic lure pump releases fresh lure to attract rats and stoats for 6 months.

We highly recommend you buy our A24 trap ‘with counter’. Our digital counter lets you know exactly how many rats or stoats etc have been killed. When the counter hits 24, you know it’s time to replace the gas canister.

Your success is everyone’s success so if you have any questions or need any tips to keep your efforts down and your success up, we’ll be happy to help.

Our traps are many things in one:

Safe – toxin-free and only able to be triggered by the pest we’ve designed it for (not your fingers, your family or native birds).

Easy to set up and hands-free – the pest drops to the ground instantly so you don’t need to touch it or the trap.

Constant control – once you’ve set your trap up for the first time, it keeps on top of your pests for you. The trap will strike multiple times before you need to replace the gas canister.

Made to last – every part of the trap is designed and made to last in the toughest environmental conditions, in your home, your back yard or the bush.

Humane – there’s no mucking about. The pest dies instantly.

Automatic – the trap resets itself so you don’t have to, the digital counter keeps track of your progress for you, and the automatic lure pump (available with our A24 trap) attracts rats and stoats for 6 months.

  • 1 x A24 Automatic Multi–Kill Trap for Rats and Stoats
  • 2 x CO2 Canisters
  • 1 x Rat or Stoat Automatic Lure Pump
  • 1 x Rodent Detector Kit (rat kits only)
  • 1 x Digital Strike Counter (optional)
  • 1 x A24 Success Guide