A24 Rat Replenishment Pack

Goodnature A24 Rat Replenishment Pack

A24 Rat Replenishment Pack


For your backyard, however big, to be free of rats all year round you need constant control.

To keep your automatic traps ready for any re-invading rats you’ll need to replace your CO2 canister and Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) every 6 months. This 1-year replenishment pack for rats has your next years worth of supplies to ensure your traps are ready for action.

2 x CO2 canisters, each with up to 24 kills, and 2 x ALPs. There’s also a detector kit to help you find the best spots if you need to relocate your traps and a handy instruction sheet with tips to ensure you get success.

ALP technology is a set-and-forget system. Once installed and activated in your A24 traps, it steadily delivers our Chocolate Formula Lure for 6 months. This means that your traps will ALWAYS have fresh lure and that gives maximum attraction for your trapping network. Constant control just got that much easier.

The Goodnature ALP is the even more low maintenance version of our standard lure bottles. This latest technology can be retro fitted into all your Goodnature A24 traps.

  • 2 x Automatic Lure Pumps
  • 2 x CO2 canisters
  • 1 x Rodent Detector Kit
  • 1 x Instruction sheet