Possum Lure Pouch

Goodnature Possum Lure Pouch

Possum Lure Pouch


Goodnature's toxin-free possum lure is sweet, smells of cinnamon and 12 out of 12 possums choose it as their last meal. Scientifically developed to attract possums, but exclude native birds, Goodnature Cinnamon Formula Lure is the best on the market for long-life attraction across a month. Goodnature lures contain no toxins meaning there is no risk of secondary poisoning to native species or your pets.

Goodnature lure pouches have been developed so trappers can pre-feed sites and keep a control project primed for top performance. They are clean to use and ergonomically great so you can quickly move along a line, and they're excellent for use in old school single action traps technology. 

Available in 250 and 500 gram packs. 

  • Available in 250 or 500 grams
  • Long-life lure formulation
  • Water resistent
  • Cinnamon aromatic
  • Sweet tasting
  • Safe around pets and birds
  • Contains no toxins
  • Stable across hot and alpine climates