20 November 2023

Case Study - Deon from Taupō

When rats and mice moved into Deon’s BBQ, wood shed and rabbit hutch in Taupō, New Zealand, he discovered pretty quickly that snap traps weren’t going to cut it. Find out how our Smart Trap Kit is helping Deon deal with his rodent infestation, while keeping Oreo and Ash the rabbits safe.
Case Study - Deon from Taupō

Deon: 8 - Taupō rabbit hutch rats: 0

How did you know you had a rat or mouse problem that needed dealing with?

We first noticed we had a rat and mouse problem during the winter as there were a few rats nests in the wood shed, then again in the spring when I uncovered the BBQ to find under the canopy a lot of rat droppings across the hot plate.

"Coincidentally in the rabbit hutch we also noticed that my daughter's pet rabbit’s food pellets were disappearing faster than normal overnight.”

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The initial reaction was to place a rat trap inside the BBQ and amongst the firewood and a few small mouse traps in the rabbit hutch but not in a position the rabbits could activate them.

What other pest control solutions did you try before Goodnature?

We put a big rat snap trap in the BBQ and I was expecting to catch a monster! But unfortunately when it was set off it just missed the rat and it caught its fur and it got away.

The mouse snap traps had the baits removed by the mice and nothing was caught. Since the setup of the Smart Trap Kit we have discontinued the use of mouse and rat snap traps.

What made you decide to deal with it using a Goodnature trap?

“I first noticed the Goodnature traps in Mitre 10 and what caught my eye was the Bluetooth function to alert my phone there was activation.”

When I got home I visited the Goodnature website and watched the videos. The next weekend I purchased the Smart Trap Kit.

What’s your Goodnature experience been like so far?

It didn’t take long to get the first few kills of mice in the rabbit hutch and after a week I moved it to the rubbish and recycling.

“That’s when the big rats were killed; I was surprised at the frequency and size of these rats. Receiving the notifications to my phone was satisfying”

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What's your go-to trapping spot?

I have two places of interest for the trap, firstly was the rabbit hutch and the other was beside the rubbish and recycling bins because the wood shed is immediately beside it, and that’s where I had uncovered a few rats nests.

“I move the trap weekly between the rabbit hutch and the rubbish and recycling. During the summer I will move it and place it at the base of our plum tree 10m from the house and see what we get.”

What tips would you have for other Goodnature trappers?

I would suggest to anyone purchasing a Goodnature trap to watch the online videos in regards to trap placement to maximise the kills.